Programs 2017

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What to Remember When Waking:
An Arts and Embodiment Focused Dream Workshop

Thursdays, January 5, 12, 19, 26- 2017
from 6:30pm – 8:45 pm
in Boulder, CO
Guided by Mary Marsden

Soul speaks through the imagery and mysteries inherent in our dreams. We’ll work from the premise that each dream comes to change us; to do something to us. Each dream provides an opportunity for healing, maturation, integration, shedding of a too small skin, accessing deep insight or a vision, opening to revelation or numinous encounter, guiding us further into a passage or initiation… [more info]

Deep Imagination: Into the Heart of the World

March 17 – March 21, 2017
in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, AZ
Animas Valley Institute Program guided by Mary Marsden and Nate Bacon

It is our imagination, our deep imagination, that allows us to comprehend the voice of running water; to overhear the song of a place; to move between the knowable world and the unknowable world; to stand in the presence of the infinite; to discover our unique ways of participating with the Mystery that courses through all things; and to connect with the secrets of our own souls. [more info]

Inner Knowing ~ Rooting & Rising

Saturday, April 1st from Sunrise to 6:00 pm
in Boulder County, CO
Be Earth Now Program Guided by Mary Marsden and Jennie Gershater Lopez

We are cultivating a space for women to remember their inner knowing, guided by the wisdom of nature and the witness and reflection of women in ceremonial community space. We fiercely support women to support each other to LIVE their Inner Knowing into the world… [more info]

Art and Soul

May 27 – May 31, 2017
Hummingbird Ranch Retreat Center, NM
Animas Valley Institute Program Guided by Mary Marsden and Doug Van Houten

The reinvention of self and world happens primarily through the powers of our imaginations. Images are at the root of our “image”inations. The special focus of Art and Soul is the awakening of these powers and the expression of our raw images —our prima materia — into visual form, allowing their inherent mysteries to do their work on us and incubate life-changing intimacy with our souls and with our world.  [more info]

Soulcentric Dreamwork

October 27, 2017 – October 31, 2017
Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Animas Valley Institute Program guided by Mary Marsden and Nate Bacon

The soul yearns to dream itself into the world. Every dream emerges from the mystery of the soul and is an opportunity for our conscious self, our ego, to be further initiated into the secret stream of our deeper life.On this 5-day immersion, you’ll learn what it’s like to enter dreams as mysteries… [more info]

Inner Knowing: Body~Earth~Soul

Saturday, August 26th from 8:45 am to 6:00 pm
Lyons, CO
Be Earth Now Program Guided by Mary Marsden and Jennie Gershater Lopez

Inner Knowing is a process! One that deepens and flows when we weave ourselves in a web of conscious, respectful and intimate relatedness with our bodies, hearts, other women, Wild Nature, and Mystery. Gather with us for a day on the land… [more info]


October Women’s Series:
Tuesday, October 17th
Shadow Projection 101: Growing More Whole and Empowered
6:30 pm- 9:30 pm

Boulder, CO


Tuesday, October 24th
Creating and Enacting Personal Ceremony at Life Thresholds
6:30 pm- 9:30 pm
$35- $50
Boulder, CO

Guided by Mary Marsden 

Women Growing More Whole & Empowered Together. Essential Knowledge and Skills for Our Life Journey. Women can attend one or both evenings. $10 off total if you register for both.


A Daylong for Women
Inner Knowing: Body~Earth~Soul and the Wild Imaginal Wellspring
Saturday, November 24th, from 8:45 am to 6:00 pm
$175- $140
Nederland, CO Area
Guided by Mary Marsden and Jennie Gershater Lopez

Gather with us in this dark time of the year, falling like autumn leaves into the deep inner wilds to specifically cultivate our relationship to inner knowing that arises through wild imagination.
Together we’ll burrow beneath the surface of what is simply rational or ‘makes sense’,  beyond familiar & limiting storylines, and even our own healthy skepticism to reconnect our umbilicus to the wild imaginal wellspring whose native tongue is image, story & poetry, symbol & pattern, dream, prayer, music, song and rhythm… (more)