More Info & Registration for Women’s Inner Knowing TruthTelling Council Evening, July 19, 2017, 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm

TruthTelling Council

On this evening we will gather outside, around the fire, to open the inner portal of deep knowing and make space for what is blossoming in you and us all. Rooted in ancient earth wisdom traditions, TruthTelling Council is a contemporary form of embodied council- a practice of profound listening, expression and mirroring- created by and for women. 
Gathering in this way, our listening deepens and broadens, our intuition awakens. We re-member. We deeply imagine in ways that connect us with the heart and hum of the cosmos. We locate the strength and resolve to act upon the fire and truth rising within us. And, not surprisingly, the fierce truths of startling personal and collective necessity are as likely to ring out through another woman’s voice, as our own.
Just as the irises and the peonies and the yarrow do not do this blossoming dance alone… neither do we!
Wednesday, July 19th
6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
16 Women, max
$15 – $20
We share in a sacred mission to cultivate spaces for women (including us!) to remember their Inner Knowing, guided by the wisdom of nature and the witness and reflection of women in ceremonial community space. We fiercely support women to support each other to LIVE their Inner Knowing into the world.
Together, we rise. Together we become. Together, even more life is possible!


To Register,
1. Email and let us know you will attend and we will email back to confirm you have a spot and share the exact location, what to bring and other prep info

2.  click here  to pay the sliding scale fee of $15- $20 via PayPal, or mail a check to Mary Marsden, 180 S 36th ST, Boulder, CO 80305, or you can pay at the door.

Wild blessings!

Mary and Jennie,