Work With Me

Working with Mary Marsden

Individual Sessions and Specially Designed Retreats in Service to Cultivating Wholeness, Healing
& Soul-Rooted Unfolding

Mentoring with a nature-based soul oriented guide can be invaluable in the ongoing life journey, and particularly the journey of soul initiation. I support individuals to grow in intimate relationship with themselves, the wild earth, the mysterious nature of their souls and the world.

An authentic life requires us to move through many phases and transitions that ask us to grow ever more whole, to shed outgrown skins, and heal at deeper layers.
I primarily work with individuals in the process of major life transitions and/or psycho-spiritual upheaval in which the door is swung open to their own life-size questions related to identity, living a meaningful life, purpose, destiny, cosmology, etc. Such thresholds hold immeasurable potential for us as individuals and for the world that needs our conscious and soulful participation.

I offer steady guidance to individuals willing to face and be changed by the grief, loss, love, deep longing, pain, and beauty that confronts them in life. We offer our reverent attention to what arises through the ordinary experiences of daily life, through imagination and dreams, and through more extraordinary or numinous encounters. Mentoring provides a container and continuity that can support you to follow the threads that are most alive and that are at risk of being forgotten.

Mentoring sessions with me can take place in person (in Boulder Colorado), by phone or Skype (approximately 75 minutes)
Sliding fee: $120 to as low as $100, according to what you can afford.
I  guide personalized retreats for individuals, couples and small groups. Contact me if you’d like to explore designing an immersive retreat.

Between sessions I will support you to continue and deepen what is core and of value through tasks and practices we co-create. Our work together may include deep imagination practices, soul-centric dreamwork, mindfulness, shadow work, cultivating your wholeness, healing and integrating your core wounding, self-designed ceremony, cultivating the deep imagination and mythic consciousness, attunement to the patterns, rhythms and cycles of nature, intentional wandering on the land, conversations with wild nature, creative arts and movement processes, sacred wound work, ancestral work, tracking and reflecting the threads and patterns that arise in your journey and deeper story over time.

If you are interested in exploring whether this work and mentoring is right for you, please contact me and we can schedule a complimentary 20 minute conversation.
Email or call me.