Inner Knowing: Body~Earth~Soul


Saturday, August 26th, 2017
8:45 am– 6:00 pm
Lyons, CO
Guided by Mary Marsden and Jennie Gershater Lopez

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~Dear Women~

Inner Knowing is a process! One that deepens and flows when we weave ourselves in a web of conscious, respectful and intimate relatedness with our bodies, hearts, other women, Wild Nature, and Mystery.

~We Invite You~

Gather with us for a day on the land, along the waters of the Little Thompson River, to cultivate and live into such a web! We’ll engage in practices that include solo wandering on the land, imagery, poetry, dance/movement, rhythm, reflective time and writing, and TruthTelling Council. Rooted in ancient earth wisdom traditions, TruthTelling Council is a contemporary form of embodied council, created by and for women.

Bellies on the Earth
Hearts Beating
Waters Flowing

Gathering in this way, our listening deepens and broadens, our intuition awakens. We re-member. We deeply imagine in ways that connect us with the heart and hum of the cosmos. We locate the strength and resolve to act upon the fire and truth rising within us. And, not surprisingly, the fierce truths of startling personal and collective necessity are as likely to ring out through another woman’s voice, as our own.

We are Calling You

We are cultivating spaces for women to remember their Inner Knowing, guided by the wisdom of nature and the witness and reflection of women in ceremonial community space. We fiercely support women to support each other to LIVE their Inner Knowing into the world. Contact either or both of us to register and for more information.

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Contact Mary or Jennie for more info or to register.
Our group size will be limited to 16 women., 303-898-3252, 303-827-4278

Mary Marsden delights in supporting individuals to cultivate a very personal and intimate relationship with Nature; with the mysteries inherent in the Wild Earth and their own true natures. She encourages people to live into their own life-size questions, their deep inner knowing, and the courageous conversations that break their hearts Open to the world. Mary artfully assists people to recognize and remember the core relationships, stories, images & dreams that connect them to their home ground of belonging and creative service in the world. Mary is a Soulcraft™ guide with the Animas Valley Institute ( and guides programs & mentors individuals from her home place in Boulder, CO ( Her work engages the mind, hearts, bodies and imaginations of the ones she guides through forms such as: soul-centric dream work, deep imagery, ceremony, soul tasks in nature, council, soul art and writing, Hakomi™, Somatic Archeology™, and specially designed wilderness retreats for individuals, couples and small groups.

Jennie Gershater Lopez, MA, LMT serves as a Somatic Healing Arts Practitioner supporting and guiding individuals through significant life thresholds in a variety of ways including: Body-Centered Psychotherapy, Dance/Movement Therapy, Soul-Centered Bodywork and Somatic Archaeology™. She has worked with clients in her private practice since 1988. She has been serving as a Somatic Psychotherapist on the support team for Surfing the Creative® and other SomaSource® programs since 2007. Jennie shows up as a Tribal Tender throughout the cycles of LIFE, weaving the medicines of Love, Listening, Witnessing, Honoring, Ritual, Nature and Play to support people to Remember their Inner Truth (body~mind~heart~ soul), so that they can Reclaim their Soul Story and Soul SPARK~Rippling inspired LIFE and embodied PURPOSE into the world!