Sacred Wound~Open Heart, February-March 2019, 6-Week Program

“There’s a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in”

Dear People!

In this life journey we cannot avoid suffering hurts and woundings, unintentional or otherwise, that shape our vulnerable hearts, bodies and psyches.  If so blessed, as we mature we might find guidance, maps and support to help ourselves heal and become more whole thus regaining much personal freedom, sense of well being, authenticity and expanded sense of our capacities. With a good measure of grace we might embody the courage and compassion necessary to turn toward, tolerate, understand and ultimately embrace and integrate our hurts, injuries and woundings.

Sacred wound work opens to yet a deeper layer and opportunity, one rooted in the life of our soul. In this program we will tune the ears of our bodies, hearts and imaginations to listen to whisperings of a profound truthour deepest vulnerability or wound is the very heart and ground from which our unique soul gifts and strengths arise.  

We might consider, as the old ones say, that there’s a unique vulnerability inherently woven into the fabric of each of us, “a crack,” that is susceptible and sensitive to the world around us in very particular ways. And, that our particular treasure for the world arises from this deep (sometimes excruciating, sometimes ecstatic) sensitivity as it grants us ways of knowing and being intimately related to this world that are unique to us. If we listen and participate each step of the way, we will be led deeper into the constellation of unique and particular relationships we are born to inhabit, also known as soul belonging.

You are invited to join us, and a small group of others, to reverently explore the multifaceted, light and dark, fecund and flowering soil of your life, including: your strengths, inner capacities and resources, what you love and what brings you joy, your fascinations, big dreams and core imagery, your deepest longings and grief, and in a most focused way, your core wound. Supported through a series of processes over 6 weeks, you’ll invite your core wound to reveal a thread of the deeper story of your life—your soul story.

The cost of the program includes a private, 75-minute, core wound/sacred wound mentoring session with Mary or Lauren, to be scheduled by participants between February 5 and March 19.

We will draw from Soulcraft ™ and other nature-based practices to assist us to delve into our hearts, histories, bodies, and imaginations. These may include: Crafting personally meaningful art and collage, recalling our personal wound patterns and stories in service to discovering the deeper stories, a Day Walk, personal myth writing and telling, journaling, embodied expressive movement, council, self-designed ceremony, deep imagery processes, intentional wandering on the land and conversations with wild nature. We will have access to a special place in wild nature (outside of Lyons) to support us in these practices, both for our day-long nature-based experience on Feb 23; and also for a day-long wandering on the wild land practice you will be invited into during the program.

Cost: $425 (Inquire with us about payment plan options and partial scholarship opportunities)
Group is limited to 8 participants 
This program is by application. It’s important that you’ve done significant wholing and healing work to be resourced enough to approach your core wounding in a way that might allow for the next layers of sacred wound exploration to open. More is stated about this in the application process.

Apply Here

Venue: Boulder and Tinaja Ridge (outside of Lyons) CO.    
Recommended reading, prior to and/or during the program: 
Wild Mind: A Field Guide to the Human Psyche by Bill Plotkin.

For questions and to receive more information email: 
Mary Marsden: or
Lauren Golten at