Sacred Wound~Open Heart

“There’s a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in”

Dear People,

In this life journey we cannot avoid suffering hurts and woundings, unintentional or otherwise, that shape our vulnerable hearts, bodies and psyches.  If so blessed, as we mature we might find guidance, maps and support to help ourselves heal and become more whole, thus regaining much personal freedom, increased sense of well being, authenticity and expanded sense of our capacities. With a good measure of grace, we might embody the courage and compassion necessary to turn toward, tolerate, understand and ultimately embrace and integrate our hurts, injuries and woundings.

Sacred Wound Work opens to yet a deeper layer and opportunity, one rooted in the life of our soul. On this day we will tune the ears of our bodies, hearts and imaginations to listen to whisperings of a profound truth: our deepest vulnerability or wound is the very heart and ground from which our unique soul gifts and strengths arise.  

We might consider, as the old ones say, that there’s a unique vulnerability inherently woven into the fabric of each of us, “a crack,” that is susceptible and sensitive to the world around us in very particular ways. And that our particular treasure for the world arises from this deep (sometimes painful, sometimes ecstatic) sensitivity as it grants us ways of perceiving the world, knowing and being intimately related to this world that are unique to us. If we listen and participate each step of the way, we will be led deeper into the constellation of unique and particular relationships we are born to inhabit, also known as soul belonging.

In this day-long retreat we’ll begin to explore our own relationship to this larger story of the Sacred Wound through Soulcraft practices that may include: poetry, attuned solo wandering on the land,  tuning our imaginations to the deep imaginal wellspring, art processes, writing, and more.

We will be offering a multi-week program in Winter/Spring 2019 to explore and deepen in Sacred Wound work with a committed group. Stay tuned for dates and details and please let us know soon if you might be interested.

Guides: Mary Marsden and Lauren Golten

Saturday, November 10th, 9 am-6 pm

$140-115,  sliding scale

Tinaja Ridge (near Lyons, CO)

For more information, contact Lauren Golten, (303) 641-6333

To Register: Complete the form below and submit.  Make payment via Pay Pal using the payment link at the bottom of this page. Or, mail a check to Mary Marsden at 700 Flagstaff Rd, Boulder, CO 80302