Application: Sacred Wound~Open Heart 2019


February-March 2019

Thank you for your interest!

When responding to the questions below, please be as specific as you are willing while also getting to the heart of the matter. Know that your responses will be held with reverence and in confidentiality. If there is some terminology or question that is unclear to you, please contact us and we will help.

This program might be a fit for you if:

  • You’ve done significant wholing and Self-healing work: i.e. You have explored your wounding (ie-your inner wounded child(ren), your inner protectors or Loyal Soldiers, your Escapist/Addicts, Shadow) and have the inner resources to be in aware, compassionate relationship with the wounded parts of yourself and others. Note that most of these specific terms come from Bill Plotkin’s “Wild Mind” book and the Nature-based Map of the Psyche described therein.
  • You desire the support of an intimate, soul-oriented group and feel ready enough, willing and curious to go toward your core vulnerabilities/core wound in order to discover the treasures there and the threads of your larger soul story you are living.

Please compose your responses to the questions below in a document or the body of an email. Include your name, age, gender identity, address, phone and email.

  1. What do you currently know about the ‘deepest story’ you are called to live? And/or, what images, archetypes, symbols, patterns, or other clues to your life path gotten your attention so far. They might have surprised you, appeared repeatedly, evoked emotion or strong experience in you, evoked a feeling of familiarity, fear, attraction, awe….or claimed you attention in many other ways. They might have presented to you through visions, numinous encounters, revelations, dreams, seeming coincidence, etc…
  2. Briefly describe your deepest longing at this time. And/or, what are the largest questions you find yourself pondering?
  3. What draws you to participate in Sacred Wound~Open Heart and why is now the right time?
  4. Please say a little bit about your degree of willingness to reflect upon addictive and/or escapist behaviors that are active currently (we all have some!) and abstain from the most numbing or amnesia inducing one (s) during the course of this multi week program? If you are currently engaged in a substance addiction, or have you been in the past 12 months, please contact Mary so we can discuss further.
  5. Do you have any questions for us?

 Thank you!

Please email your application to Mary and Lauren at and

We will be in touch very soon to discuss your enrollment in Sacred Wound~Open Heart, including any questions you might have for us about the program.