Past Programs: 2016

Becoming Fully Human

An Experiential Practice Group in the Art of Wholeness and Self-healing
Thursdays from 6-8:45 pm
January 14, 21 & 28, February 11 &18, March 3- 2016
in Boulder, CO
Be Earth Now Program Guided by Mary Marsden

A foundational step to becoming fully human is to recognize, cultivate and embody the magnificent array of strengths, capacities, and sensibilities of our innate wholeness. The full spectrum of these resources wait within us all- though we might not know some even exist until we turn toward them.

It is a gift to ourselves, our people and the World to… [more info]

Deep Imagination: Into the Heart of the World

February 21 – February 25, 2016
in Joshua Tree National Park, CA
Animas Valley Institute Program guided by Mary Marsden and Nate Bacon

It is our imagination, our deep imagination, that allows us to comprehend the voice of running water; to overhear the song of a place; to move between the knowable world and the unknowable world; to stand in the presence of the infinite; to discover our unique ways of participating with the Mystery that courses through all things; and to connect with the secrets of our own souls. [more info]

Sacred Wound Alchemy

Every other Wednesday from 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Mar 10, Mar 24, Apr 7, Apr 14, Apr 21- 2016
& the weekend of Apr 30-May 1st, 9am–9pm & 9am-2pm
in Boulder, CO
Be Earth Now Program Guided by Mary Marsden

Sacred Wound Alchemy works with a profound truth: The way you live into your destiny- your unique way of belonging to the world -is inextricably linked, as if by a golden thread, to your deepest sensitivities and vulnerabilities. One key to living into your destiny lies in how you relate to your core vulnerability or wound—your most painful place. The core wound is often recognized as the source of our greatest vulnerability and with it comes… [more info]

Soulcentric Dreamwork

March 15, 2016 – March 19, 2016
in Kelly Place, Cortez, CO
Animas Valley Institute Program guided by Mary Marsden and Jeffrey Allen

There is no better way to deepen the conversation with soul than by attending your dreams while immersed in nature. Soulcentric Dreamwork is a central component of soulcraft – a contemporary set of nature-based, cross-cultural practices designed to facilitate the encounter with soul. [more info]

Deep Imagination Training

May 24, 2016 – May 28, 2016
in Okanogan National Forest, WA
Animas Valley Institute Program guided by Mary Marsden and Nate Bacon

This training is designed for people who work — or plan to work — as facilitators of deep imagery. If, in contrast, you are primarily seeking guidance in developing your personal relationship with deep imagery, please enroll in our “Deep Imagination Intensive”.

During the “Deep Imagination Training,” we will apprentice ourselves to the mystery and wild otherness of images that arise from the unconscious. [more info]

Soulcraft Journey: A Mountain Pilgrimage

July 10, 2016 – July 17, 2016
in Okanogan National Forest, WA
Animas Valley Institute Program guided by Mary Marsden and Nate Bacon

In this 8-Day backpacking intensive, we will find our way into and through this mysterious terrain with an entire bundle of Soulcraft practices tucked under our arms, but our senses will always be tuned toward the world, our attention offered outwardly, such that you may come to experience your true place in the world not as a center of isolated interior space, but as a function of your relationship with the Others – both human and non-human – that comprise the entire universe.  [more info]

Thresholds To Belonging

August 3 – August 7 & the Evening of July 29th, 2016
in Boulder, Colorado & the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Colorado
Be Earth Now Program Guided by Mary Marsden and Assisted by April Glaser

Thresholds to Belonging is a 5-day immersion dedicated to full participation with our bodies, hearts, and imaginations to remember ourselves again in intimate relationship with the conscious and ensouled Earth.

We know that we are of the Earth and we may have had profound experiences of this.
Yet it’s a formidable challenge to truly feel this interrelatedness and hear what it asks of us in the scurry of our day to day lives. The ever increasing velocity of our consumer culture makes it all too easy to forget our reciprocal relatedness with Earth and Cosmos. We do forget. Even in the best of circumstances we are spiritual amnesiacs.  But, we are rememberers as well.

And so we will come together to remember. [more info]

Art and Soul

September 6, 2016 – September 10, 2016
in Highlands Retreat Center, Allenspark, CO
Animas Valley Institute Program Guided by Mary Marsden and Doug Van Houten

The reinvention of self and world happens primarily through the powers of our imaginations. Images are at the root of our “image”inations. The special focus of Art and Soul is the awakening of these powers and the expression of our raw images —our prima materia — into visual form, allowing their inherent mysteries to do their work on us and incubate life-changing intimacy with our souls and with our world.  [more info]

Inner Fire ~ Inner Knowing for Women

Saturday, December 10, 2016
9:00 am- 5:30 pm
in Boulder, CO
Guided by Mary Marsden and Jennie Gershater Lopez

Dear Women, The dark days and long nights of winter offer a quiet, fertile space to turn inward and tend our inner fire, our inner knowing. We invite you to gather with us around a central hearth to blow life into the sleeping embers of your own deep knowing that’s held in your heart & body. We will weave practices that include imagery, poetry, dance/movement, writing, quiet reflection and Truth Telling Council to remember together. [more info]