Testimonials: Body~Earth~Soul


“Mary and Jennie have a way of evoking the wild feminine, so she may lead the way into territories of inner knowing and radical aliveness. On our day of dance and dream, wandering and council, I was able to deeply listen to the messages emerging from the deeper current of my life force. The wisdom spoken from the wild terrain of this day, was given space to be embodied and integrated as gifts to carry back into the topside world so they may dance with me daily.”
YSS 40 y/o

“We gathered on the land. Held by our guides, I allowed myself to be seen, witnessed by the knowing, tending, open-hearted Others. To reveal what or who of me lives below the surface. I had space to discover, to see my Self. And then to offer my experience, my wisdom, to the village.”

LCP 35 y/o

“Thankfully, I have had the opportunity to participate in deep work with both Jennie and Mary, one- on -one as well as during times where they have jointly led workshops. Each of these times has left me in deeper connection with myself, others, and the land around me. Jennie and Mary have a profound ability to cut right to the heart of the matter, reminding us of our vital interconnectedness in this world.
And through the earth around us, through our very own bodies, bring us back- reminding us of our truths.
These two women are sources of inspiration to me throughout my work and journey in the world in a myriad of ways.  And they continue to be constant sources of guidance and support that I seek out even across the miles. “
MWC 33 y/o

I found Jennie and Mary at a particularly difficult time when life was feeling like a constant battle (usually against myself) as I grappled seemingly alone with everything from surface level everyday decisions to the deepest questions of my soul. Through this team of inspirational women (Jennie and Mary), I realized that all I really needed was a reminder that I am not alone. 
Jennie and Mary create sacred space for women that feels like truly “coming home.” As a result of the wisdom they transmit, they will forever show up in my internal world as spiritual guides within my council — whom I will return to again and again when I need to remember what it feels like to come home. 
It is thanks to you both that I also now have real life sisters who I know will continue to be part of my journey and who I can consistently count on to remind me that I am not alone and to bring me home. 
SW 25 y/o