Solstice Package Deal On Mentoring Sessions

And the day came
When the risk it took to remain tight
Inside the bud was more painful
Than the risk it took to blossom.
-Anais Nin

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  Soul-Oriented Mentoring Sessions:
Cultivating Your Wholeness, Healing &
Soul-Rooted Unfolding

Special Solstice Package Deal
4 Sessions for $360 ($90/session-normally $120)
Purchase by December 20th, 2016
Sessions must be used by June 30, 2017.
Limit 2 packages/person.
Click Here to Purchase Now

How Mentoring Can Support You

An authentic and soulful life requires us to move through stuckness and fear and asks us to risk to blossom.  Not just once or twice, but over and over again!  I support people to navigate through transitions and thresholds that ask them to grow ever more whole, to shed outgrown skins and heal at deeper layers.

I offer steady guidance to ones who are willing to meet and be changed by the pull of a deep curiosity or passion, grief, loss, love, deep longing, pain, fear, awe and the beauty that confronts them in their life.

Each new day presents us both with a challenge and an opportunity to remain tight inside the bud or, to move toward blossoming. Such thresholds hold immeasurable potential not just for us as individuals, but also for a world that utterly depends upon our conscious and soulful participation.

I can offer the support and guidance you need to move toward Blossoming. I’m offering this special package price now in order to make a series of sessions even more available and affordable as we enter a new year cycle and face such deep challenges and opportunities in our world.

 Soul-Centric Mentoring Sessions with Mary

What will we do during a session?
We will start where you are, right now. I will meet you ‘where you are’ whether we work via Skype, phone, in my office or on the land. You’ll check in to share about where you find yourself and what you are experiencing. I’ll listen deeply and we’ll be in a dialog.  We’ll drop in more deeply, drawing from a combination of approaches and practices that could include soul-centric dreamwork, mindfulness, shadow work, further cultivating your wholeness, healing and integrating core wounding, Hakomi™, Somatic Archeology™, self-designed ceremony, cultivating the deep imagination and mythic consciousness, attunement to the patterns, rhythms and cycles of nature, intentional wandering on the land, creative arts and movement processes, sacred wound work, ancestral work, tracking and reflecting the threads and patterns of your life journey and deeper soul story.

 Between Sessions?
I’ll support you to continue and deepen even more into what is core and of value to you through tasks, practices and ‘homework’ that we co-create and identify during our session and over time.

Time and Cost:
Each Session is 75 minutes
My session fee is $120 to $95, sliding scale.
*The special mentoring package brings each session cost to $90. Please take advantage of this accessibility to benefit from a series of sessions! Available for purchase to current and new mentees until December 20th. Package sessions must be used by the end of June, 2017. Limit 2 packages/person. Click here to purchase now

Next Steps:
If you want to explore whether this work is right for you, please reach my way.  We can email, schedule a complimentary 20 minute conversation and/or get right down to it and schedule an initial session.
Email me:
Wild Blessings,

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Mary Marsden delights in supporting individuals to cultivate a very personal and intimate relationship with Nature; with the mysteries inherent in the Wild Earth and their own true natures. She encourages people to live into their own life-size questions, their deep inner knowing, and the courageous conversations that break their hearts open to the world.  Mary artfully assists people to recognize and remember the core relationships, stories, images & dreams that connect them to their home ground of belonging and creative service in the world. Mary is a Soulcraft™ guide with the Animas Valley Institute ( and guides programs & mentors individuals from her home place in Boulder, CO ( Her work engages the mind, hearts, bodies and imaginations of the ones she guides through forms such as: soul-centric dream work, deep imagery, ceremony, soul tasks in nature, council, soul art and writing, Hakomi™, Somatic Archeology™, and specially designed wilderness retreats for individuals, couples and small groups.

Mary Marsden
Boulder, CO