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Mentoring with Mary Marsden


In addition to guiding Animas and my own local programs I offer mentoring sessions and support to assist people on their soul journeys. One to one, personal, soul-centric mentoring is an expression of guiding that I deeply love and I see that it bears fruit for those with whom I work. The Journey to Soul, in all of its twists and turns, may be propelled forward and deeper by immersive programs and experiences but it requires more than 5-days, 12-days or even a year or two to unfold. One’s consistent commitment to being awake, to coming back around after a period of (inevitable) forgetting, to listening for and saying ‘yes’ to what the journey requires is essential.

Working with guides who are initiated in and oriented specifically to the soul journey provides foundational support to staying committed, engaged, and oriented in this (rightly dis-orienting) Journey. Soul-centric mentoring is not psychotherapy or life coaching; as valuable as those can be. My foundational intention as a soul-centric mentor is to support you to prepare for or deepen in your active participatory ‘conversation’ with the mysteries of nature and psyche, and ultimately, to consciously participate in the world in the ways you were uniquely born to.


Session cost, frequency, and commitment:

I work with individuals by phone, Skype and in person-when possible. Sessions are around 75 minutes. My fee is $120 (with a sliding scale to as low as $90). My hope is to make this soulcentric work financially accessible to you. I will trust you to reflect upon and decide what rate you are able to pay. As far as frequency of sessions goes, it works best to find some rhythm together; two sessions or one session each month. I would ask you to consider committing to two sessions/month for the first 2-3 months in order to best support your active and consistent engagement with the Mysteries of your deeper life and what your Journey is asking of you. Together we can assess and make adjustments to the timing and frequency of sessions that will best serve you. I will prioritize time in my schedule for our sessions, and in a cumulative sense, track you and the threads and patterns that arise in your journey and deeper story over time.


What might happen during a mentoring session?

Every session is an improvisational unfolding in which we both participate. That said, a session is likely to include at least some of the following: a brief check- in, deepening questions, mirroring and reflection, teaching or offering of resources, engaging in dreamwork, deep imagery practices, and/or a full range of experiential Soulcraft practices. Yes, any of this really can happen via phone or Skype quite beautifully! You’ll be encouraged and supported to follow and engage the threads of your deeper ‘conversation’ between sessions: on the land and in the human world, with practices and tasks that we identify and co-craft during a session. I invite you to do some reflection prior to each session and email me up to two pages of your writings, a fresh dream, a check-in, and/or poetry. This can assist us to drop into our time together straight away. If you choose to share something through writing it’s best to send 24- 48 hours before we meet so I’m sure to have time to read it. You can also send me a brief update and/or questions between sessions and I will do my best to respond within 48 hours.


The Territory of the work is described below but what we work with will be specific to you:

  • Attending to layers of severance, as needed (‘leaving home’ or shedding the layers of a too small identity)
  • Doing necessary ‘wholing and self-healing’ work, drawing foundationally upon the Nature-based Map of the Psyche and applying the approaches and practices found in “Wild Mind: A field Guide to the Human Psyche” by Bill Plotkin.
  • Engaging in projection/transference/shadow work, sacred wound work, self-designed ceremony, etc.
  • Being in active and vulnerable conversation with the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche. Engage in your deep Romance with the World. And more.
  • Tracking the “soul threads” that inform and may point to your mytho poetic identity: (including but not limited to) key images, archetypes, symbols, numinous encounters, dreams, fascinations, your deepest longings, wild others with whom you are in relationship…
  • Embody tangible expressions of your unique way of participating with (and ‘feeding’) the world so you can learn more about what the world wants from you and live it even more. This requires curiosity and experimentation!
  • Something missing; Just ask.


Contact me if you want to schedule a free introductory session or discuss this further.



Mary Marsden


Boulder, CO