Deep Imagery Intensive

.October 15, 2014 – October 19, 2014
Clinton, Washington     Cost: $1190.00      Register Now

As human beings, we have four distinct ways of knowing — four ways we’re able to receive information about our world and ourselves. We have the capacity to learn through thinking, feeling, sensing, and imagining. These four functions, however, are rarely developed in a balanced way. Western cult

ure promotes thinking and sensing almost exclusively. But if we are to uncover the mysteries of our souls, we must strengthen and deepen our imagination (as well as our capacity for feeling). Depth psychologists say that the substance of the soul is image, and that deep imagery (imagery that comes to us unbidden from the unconscious, from our core human nature) is one of the most direct and potent means for accessing soul.

Through our deep imagery experiences, we can discover soul powers, resources concealed in the Shadow, sacred wounds, and archetypal potentials, and thereby cultivate our psychological wholeness. On imagery journeys, we meet inner guides who possess the wisdom and capacities to assist us on the descent to soul.

There are many methods for cultivating deep imagery, but among the most effective are those that involve power animals — inner guides to healing, individuation, and soul work. We will explore our relationships with power animals through deep imagery journeys assisted by rhythmic drumming and spoken word.

We’ll deepen what we discover in the imaginal world by grounding it in the body through somatic exercises and movement and expressing it creatively through various art forms in order to fully take in and honor the gifts we receive. We’ll also use nature-based practices and self-designed ceremony to further integrate our deep imagery experiences.


Sheila Belanger, M.A.

Sheila is an inspiring astrologer, wilderness guide and neo-shamanic practitioner. She is a passionate advocate for our wild nature and our capacity to track and navigate the currents of soul. She has guided vision quests and nature-based soul programs since 1997. From her training in Transpersonal Psychology, Authentic Movement, and Deep Imagery, she is committed to nurturing the personal expression of embodied imagination and relationship to the Sacred. In her private practice, Sheila specializes in the astrology of midlife mischief and its attendant unique opportunities for soul growth. She lives on Whidbey Island, Washington and is an avid backpacker and sea kayak apprentice in the wild lands and waters of the West. Sheila brings her huge open heart, infectious humor and compassionate respect for each person’s individual Mystery to all her guiding work.

Mary Marsden

Mary is a soul-guide, mentor and wilderness guide. She creatively and heart-fully invites people to be in intimate and vulnerable relationship with Nature, Soul and Spirit.

Mary is gifted at guiding individuals into their dreamworlds, accessing the power of deep imagination, and supporting those who are ready and willing to be claimed by their unique, mystical relationship with the World. She guides with humor, genuine compassion, and a deeply intuitive knowing of the soul journey. With grace, beauty, and fierceness, Mary invites sojourners to discover their unique gifts and to bring them into world – to feed Life itself.

Mary’s work is deeply informed by her love for the Colorado River Basin and it’s imperiled waters and spirit. She is a mother, river-runner, front yard gardener and tends a flock of hens in her backyard in Boulder, CO.

Mary incorporates her training and experience in Hakomi, somatic psychotherapy, trauma work, and creative movement into her guiding. She leads Animas programs, her own locally based soul programs and mentors individuals, near and far, on their soul journeys.

AldermarshaldermarshAldermarsh is a residential retreat center able to comfortably house 15 to 25 guests with shared accommodations. Our grounds include the Marsh House, three fully equipped lodging facilities, two single room cabins, temple yurt, a Kiva (cordwood sweat lodge), outdoor Japanese soaking tub, beautifully maintained gardens, and acres of wetlands.

We are a collective consciousness of beings dedicated to holding space for spirit-based work. We steward over 11 acres of beautiful wetlands, laced with walkways and teaming with wildlife.

The uniting spark of Aldermarsh is our 1100 square foot gathering space known as The Marsh House. It is an ideal space for facilitating gatherings of community, movement, yoga, and meditation.


From Seattle, take I-5 North toward Everett. Take Hwy 526 West toward Boeing Field and Whidbey Island/ Mukilteo; follow signs to the ferry. Ferries run every half-hour to Clinton on Whidbey Island. From the Clinton Ferry, take Hwy 525 North to Maxwelton Road. Turn Left and go South 1.7 miles: pass Campbell Road and Redtail Lane (on the left). Aldermarsh, and the Marsh House, are on the Right, at

6436 Maxwelton Road Clinton, WA 98236

For more information, please visit or call 360-579-8861


Start Date: October 15, 2014
End Date: October 19, 2014 

Start Time: 1:00 pm
End Time: 1:00 pm