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Working with Mary Marsden

I work with individuals across the US and Europe in person, via phone and Skype. Mentoring with a nature-based soul oriented guide can be invaluable in the ongoing life journey, and particularly the journey of soul initiation. I support individuals to grow in intimate relationship with themselves, the wild earth, the mysterious nature of their souls and the world. [more info]


Upcoming Programs

Body~Earth~Soul Fire Kiva Evening:
Fire in the Earth~Feeding the Fire in Our Hearts

Thursday,November 8th, 2018
6:00 pm-9:00 pm
An Earthen Kiva in Gunbarrel, CO
with Mary Marsden & Jennie Gershater-Lopez

Women, circle with us in the Earth, nestled in the ceremonial kiva, around a central and warming  fire…the fertile darkness of this autumn season surrounding us with her generous holding.  We will nourish and attend to our own inner fires aided by the living elemental Fire, poetry, myth and an embodied council practice. We’ll be escorted into an ancient and timeless way of listening and bringing  voice to “What Is True”, catalyzed by the reverent witnessing of women. 
(more info and register)

Sacred Wound~Open Heart
Saturday, November 10th, 2018
9:00 am-6:00 pm
Tinaja Ridge, near Lyons, CO
$140-115, sliding scale
Guided by Mary Marsden & Lauren Golten

In this life journey we cannot avoid suffering hurts and woundings, unintentional or otherwise, that shape our vulnerable hearts, bodies and psyches.  If so blessed, as we mature we might find guidance, maps and support to help ourselves heal and become more whole, thus regaining much personal freedom, increased sense of well being, authenticity and expanded sense of our capacities. With a good measure of grace, we might embody the courage and compassion necessary to turn toward, tolerate, understand and ultimately embrace and integrate our hurts, injuries and woundings.

Sacred Wound Work opens to yet a deeper layer and opportunity, one rooted in the life of our soul. (more)

Dance-Movement and Council Evening:
The Knowing of Our Bodies Rising Together
Thursday, December 6th, 2018
6:00 pm-9:00 pm
A Movement Space in North Boulder, CO
with Mary Marsden & Jennie Gershater-Lopez

Women, Come remember the ancient connection between your whole body heart beat and “What is True”…now, now, and now…living and breathing in you. Together we’ll rise up rooted, weaving a strong container that holds us all. On this evening we will MOVE from the inside out, wake up the sensibilities of our human animal bodies through dance-movement-embodiment practices, listening for the stories and wisdom that our bodies hold. From this re-membered state we will engage in TruthTelling, a contemporary form of embodied council created by and for women. No previous experience needed. (more info and register)


Inner Knowing:Body~Earth~Soul Journey
A 9-Month Women’s Journey
January11th-September 7th, 2019
Boulder, CO Area
Guided by Mary Marsden & Jennie Gershater-Lopez

Beginning in January 2019, a group of women will gather together monthly on this Inner Knowing: Body~Earth~Soul Journey. When women weave together in conscious, respectful community– cultivating deep-rooted relationship with our Bodies, Earth and our Souls – the flame of our Inner Knowing grows steady and we embody our truth and gifts in the world…(more)