Women Who Feed The Fire// A Conjuring of the Poetic Imagination, online event. 1/19/22

Link to the recording:

https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/NCDt4NQYT9oHFHA7ld-rRawSWqYZniKtf3VD9ZWzS-Nlo19f4vSnz_01CWumg_OO.GV01QyStXYl4W4Md Passcode: J60A$qZu

The Fire Feeders— April Tierney, Erica Rhinehart and Mary Marsden— conjure and carry a fierce bundle of poetic images, wooded words, and nearly forgotten stories that feed life and ignite a world-shifting imagination. They know that we all carry truths, stories, sorrows, and vast loves we cannot bear to know alone, or articulate only in solitude. And we are not meant to. Join us as we gather together around Winter’s Hearth-Fire to feed the tender, growing light that flickers there with the breath of poetic inspiration. We do so with a prayer that the light of spoken truths meld our hearts and guide us as we cycle through the coming year.

*The evening is free of charge and will be recorded for those unable to attend. Please invite your friends.
APRIL TIERNEY is a poet, collaborative artist, community tender, mother, and lover of stories. She is the author of three full-length collections of poetry, as well as the co-author of a chapbook and photographic anthology. When not writing, she can be found baking something sweet, pouring over the etymology of common English words, or wandering the woods with her six-month-old daughter, listening for the voices that long to move through her into form. April lives outside of Lyons, CO on a wild hillside with her beautiful family. To pre-order her newest collection of poetry, Memory Keeper, visit: https://homeboundpublications.square.site/…/memo…/149…
ERICA RHINEHART has devoted her life to chasing the Moon. That is, following the holy, moonlit path through the mysterious dimensions of nature and psyche, while guiding others to do the same. She is a nature-based soul guide with Animas Valley Institute, as well as a ceremonialist, writer, chef, and English teacher. As a life-long lover of the transformational, world-shifting power of the written, spoken, and lyrical word, she is passionate about bringing forth the multifaceted voices of the wild and the ancient as they express themselves through those who have re-membered how to listen. You can find her website at: themoonpath.org
MARY MARSDEN is carried along by the ever present, poetic and storied undercurrents that run through places and people, and she is sometimes permitted to write down a few words to share that living poetry. Her heart and imagination is claimed by the immense Love Story that is the rising and falling, dammed and diverted waters of the Colorado River Basin, from headwaters to Sea. A love story permeated with heartbreak. She’s called to re-member the severed connections. Mary guides with the Animas Valley Institute. Her aim is for her people to fall into the Wellspring of Earth’s Dreaming. And rise up, rooted. Mary lives betwixt and between Boulder, CO and the Colorado Basin. www.beearthnow.com

Working with Mary Marsden

I work with individuals across the US and world via Zoom and in person. Mentorship with a nature-based soul guide is invaluable when confronting the twists and turns, cliff edges and narrow passages that present at significant thresholds in our life journey; particularly the journey of soul initiation. Through individual mentorship and immersive group programs, I support people to grow in intimate relationship with themselves, the wild earth, the mysterious and hidden nature of their souls and the world. [more info]

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